Experiencing Stuttering In Halo: Reach On PC? Here's A Fix!

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Experiencing Stuttering In Halo: Reach On PC? Here's A Fix!

Halo: Reach launched on PC just a few days ago and has been positively received by the community. Within a day, Halo: Reach managed to become one of the most played games on Steam. But, this does not mean that the game has been running flawlessly on everybody's PCs. Certain issues like framerate stuttering and audio glitching have been bugging the long-waiting Halo fans.

Halo Reach_2 Photo: GamehackStudios

The developer has addressed the issue and provided a fix for players who are facing in-game stuttering. Upon investigating the issue, it was discovered that third-party software like Logitech G-Hub, Corsair iCue, and Razer Synapse could be meddling with the game. And it is recommended that players disable these programs while playing Halo: Reach. 

It is also possible that variable framerate options in the game could be responsible for causing in-game stuttering. If you are facing stuttering in Halo: Reach, it is advised that you visit the official Halo Support Site and create a ticket.

Halo Reach_3 Photo: Amino Apps

Another issue that people have been dealing with is low in-game audio quality. Some players have been reporting that the audio in the game is either flaky or muffled. The developers did recognize the issue and were aware of it during the game's launch. Unfortuntately, the problem isn't easy to resolve and requires a bit more time to fix. 

Other players have also reported that Halo: Reach's menu performance is sluggish, there is notable screen-tearing, v-sync isn't performing as it should, and there is serious lag while playing the co-op campaign. Hopefully 343 Industries gets these problems patched up quickly.


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