9 New Games Added To Xbox Game Pass For PC In December

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9 New Games Added To Xbox Game Pass For PC In December

There is a surprise coming to owners of Xbox Game Pass for PC. In a recent announcement, Microsoft confirmed that nine more games are being added to its game subscription service this month. Along with the new games, additional quality of life updates are being rolled out for the service itself. 

The list of games coming to Xbox Game Pass for PC includes:

Age of Wonders: Planetfall

Demon's Tilt

Europa Universalis IV


Farming Simulator 17

Human: Fall Flat

Metro: Last Light Redux

My Friend Pedro

Pathologic 2

These games are going to join Halo: Reach, which was added to the service a few days ago. 

The quality of life update for the Xbox Game Pass for PC includes the ability to custom theme the app's background with game art from Forza, Gears, and Halo. You can now view achievements and any art that pleases your eyes can be set as a desktop background. You can now also see what games your friends are playing and view their achievements. 

Additional information can be found on Microsoft's official writeup.


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