Pokémon Go Darkrai Legendary Raid Hour Confirmed

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Pokémon Go Darkrai Legendary Raid Hour Confirmed

Yesterday, Niantic sent out a push notification to all Pokémon Go players across the international dateline to remind them of the latest Legendary Raid Hour. This time around, it is going to feature Darkrai and will start today, October 23, at 6 PM local time.

As announced by the studio, the Legendary Raid Hour will take place every Wednesday during the month of October. The Nightmare Pokémon is expected to appear in every gym as a Legendary Raid, which will take place from 6 PM to 7 PM local time.

Last week, Pokémon Go players encountered Giratina (Altered Forme), the featured Legendary Raid Hour Pokémon. The previous week, there were two Legendary Raid Hours for both Giratina (Altered Forme) and Psystrike Mewtwo, respectively. The latter, in particular, returned to the game for at least three hours in an attempt to make up for the missed Legendary Raid Hour back in September.

In related news, Niantic recently announced that online battles will finally happen in Pokémon Go. Basically, the feature was teased a few years ago, with the studio suggesting that it would allow players to fight each other online.

Called Go Battle League, the feature has Pokémon Go players battling other trainers around the world. It is built upon Trainer Battles and will enable online play for players. The Trainer Battles were introduced to the game last year, giving players the ability to fight nearby trainers. While it lets players battle their friends, they can only do so if they are in their Ultra or Best Friends lists.

With Go Battle League, there will be no restrictions as players will be pitted against random players from all over the world. While Niantic has yet to share more specific details, all of this will be done via an online matchmaking system. It remains to be seen as to how the PvP mechanics of Go Battle League will work. For now, Niantic confirmed that it will arrive sometime in early 2020.


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