Holiday Gift Guide 2019: Best Gifts For An Avengers Fan

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Holiday Gift Guide 2019: Best Gifts For An Avengers Fan

Although the movies might have come to an end (for now), the love for the series will never die in the hearts of Avengers fans. If you are an Avengers fan, we understand your sadness, but for now you and I can resort to a Black Widow movie and Spider-Man movies. If you are an Avengers fan yourself, you sure must have a friend or a group of friends that love the series just as much as you do. So, why not surprise them this holiday season with some nostalgic gifts inspired from the Avengers movies? 

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Thanos Infinity Gauntlet Mug Infinity Gauntlet Mug Photo: Amazon

Unlike Thanos' Infinity gauntlet, this mug will store drinks instead of destroying everything. But, let's be honest, the Infinity gauntlet was cool as heck! Gift this cup to your friend and let them contemplate the meaninglessness of life's existence over a morning cup of coffee.

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Thanos' Infinity Gauntlet Replica Avengers Gauntlet Photo: Amazon

When the Infinity Gauntlet came into fruition, we all secretly wanted to have one for ourselves. Now it is possible to own a massive Infinity Gauntlet that functions, but not as you would expect it to. The gauntlet is studded with Infinity stones that can be activated to cause a glowing effect. 

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Thor's Meat Tenderizer Mjolnir Mjolnir Photo: Amazon

Not only does this replica of the iconic Mjolnir look cool, it is also incredibly useful. Your loved one can use this Mjolnir for tenderizing meat and feel like a true Thor while pummeling away at steak or chicken. The tool is double-sided and comes with silicone grips for easy handling and harnessing the power of Asgard.

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Captain America Coffee Maker And Mug Refresh with Captain America Photo: Amazon

This neat coffee maker and coffee mug inspired by Captain America is all your friend needs to revive his or her dying love for Avengers. Brewing a cup of coffee using this coffee maker will always feel like drinking the best coffee in the galaxy.

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Hulk Head And Fist Wall Decor Smashing though everything! Photo: Amazon

Not only is this Hulk Head and First some beautiful wall decor, it can also glow at night! How cool! The set runs on batteries with no cords attaching the head and fist, making it even more stylish. The set also comes with crack stickers, in case your loved one wants to add a touch of realism.

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Baby Groot Pen Stand I am Groot! Photo: Amazon

Baby Groot is one of the cutest creatures in the Marvel Universe, hands down. Now this adorable guy can find a home on your loved one's desk and watch over pencils and pens. Every time someone goes to grab a pen from the stand, they will definitely be uttering the words, "I am Groot!" 

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Iron Man Electronic Helmet Perfect for fending off enemy attacks! Photo: Amazon

This 1:1 full-scale Iron Man electronic helmet is built of premium-grade material and is perfect for fending off enemy attacks. The helmet features two LEDs in the eye sockets that can be lit up when activated and electronic sound effects that make you feel like Iron Man himself. 

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Marvel Avengers Infinity War T-Shirt Avengers T-shirt Photo: Amazon

Even though Infinity War was a movie that led to emotional outbursts for many Avengers fans, the movie also gathered all of the superheroes in the MCU together. The movie made all of us happy, sad, excited, and in the end, it made us cry. If you have a crazy Avengers fan in your pack, they will likely love getting this t-shirt as a gift.

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