Overwatch Exploit Gives 'Unfair' Buff To Heroes

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Overwatch Exploit Gives 'Unfair' Buff To Heroes

Most abilities in Overwatch tend to have a so-called “lingering effect.” A good example is Moira’s primarily healing, which tends to last for a few seconds after being activated. But if you actually look at it, the skill does not really provide a substantial amount of healing overall.

Interestingly, Baptiste’s Immortality Field drone and a few other abilities are on a different level. That is because their effect tends to last completely, even after you leave it for a certain period of time. Unlike Moira's aforementioned ability, these skills were not necessarily intended by Blizzard.

A Reddit user by the name of kaiomm uploaded footage of gameplay on the map of Nepal in which Reinhardt can be seen pinning heroes who are left with only a fraction of health. While the skill is being delivered, Reinhardt getting pinned is briefly in the line of sight of a friendly Baptiste Immortality Field.

As he continues to charge, his pinning eventually hits his opponent straight into the wall. In a perfect world, the skill should be enough to give damage and obtain a kill. However, this does not happen as it seems the drone continues to keep the player being pinned alive even after taking a serious beating.

Apparently, some of these abilities – particularly those that tend to buff friendly players – actually function the same way. As one user that goes by the name of Lightning_Laxus suggested, “a lot of abilities are like that. Lucio's aura and Orisa's Supercharger for example. Supercharger is easier to visualize because of the giant beam. They both linger for 1 additional second after leaving the range and/or LoS.”

Lucio’s aura and Orisa’s Supercharger/Mercy's beam are more than capable of securing a kill or restoring a player's health. And mind you, those can be done despite having a much lesser effective range.

For instance, you are chasing after a retreating open enemy. You have the ability to fire at least a single last shot or even use a skill that comes with a buffed damage from Orisa's Supercharger. With Baptiste, however, a plausible way to counter his Immortality Field – apart from the idea of just completely obliterating it – is to either boop or knock enemies out of its line of sight. Still, considering the fact there is a one-second lingering effect, you may have to wait a few more seconds before you could use an ability in order to acquire a kill on your enemies or knock them outside.


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